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Best of the Super Jrs. XII announced....

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  • Best of the Super Jrs. XII announced....

    Just announced was the lineup for the annual Best of the Super Jrs.

    Block A:
    1. Koji Kanemoto (1998, 2002 winner, IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champion)
    2. El Samurai (1997 winner)
    3. Masahito Kakihara (2003 winner)
    4. Minoru
    5. Jado
    6. Hirooki Goto
    7. Stampede Kid

    Block B:
    1. Tiger Mask (2004 winner, IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion)
    2. Wataru Inoue (IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champion)
    3. Katsushi Takemura
    4. Akiya Anzawa
    5. Jushin Thunder Liger (1992, 1994, 2001 winner)
    6. Gedo
    7. Black Tiger (Rocky Romero)

    Suprisingly the Best of the American Super Jrs. II winner Dragon Soldier B (aka Kendo Kashin) was not put into this years Super Jrs. even though that was the prize for winning the American version of this prestigious tourny (which also sucks because possibly one american indy wrestler missed out on a huge opportunity to be in Japan). But socal's own Rocky Romero will make his second appearance in the BSJ tourny (last year he placed 5th with 7 pts in Block B). This year he will be in the same block as the great Jushin Thunder Liger, current gimmick rival Tiger Mask and the heavy favorite to win this years toruny Wataru Inoue. Best of luck to Rocky...I mean Black Tiger Mask in this years tourny which starts May 21st.

    In other NJPW news, the U-30 openweight belt has been reinstated. For those who dont know the U-30 belt was created for anyone under 30 years of age to compete for (basically its to give young lions something to fight over rather than wait 5 or so years to get a crack at the IWGP title). The belt was sealed after current IWGP tag team champion Shinsuke Nakamura beat his own tag team partner Hiroshi Tanahashi for the title and he decided it was a meaningless title, giving people the impression that those under 30 should not try and challenge for the IWGP title. After 3 mo of inactivity the NJPW board decided to reinstate the belt and have an tourny this year, to coincide with the BSJ, to determine the next holder of the belt. Why this may be important to socal fans is that along with young lion favorites like Blue Wolf, Toru Yano (who a few have seen in socal with his funny feud/partnership with Adam Pearce) and former champ Tanahashi, there are plans to have a few LA Dojo reps fight for the belt this summer in the planned tournament. More will be posted when announced. As always this news comes from puroresufan.com the BEST source for puroresu on the net today!

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    I've only heard good things about TJ Wilson aka Stampede Kid. Some of his MLW stuff (with Harry Smith) was pretty good.

    And that's funny/sad that Dragon Soldier B won a slot in the tourney, yet was not invited.


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      TJ is a great young worker. I haven't seen his Canada work, but I've seen his stuff from ROH, MLW, and JAPW and he's quite good. His Code Blue manuever is really a sight to see. It's like a rolling fireman's carry off the top.
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