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Classy Freddie Blassie... RIP.

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  • Classy Freddie Blassie... RIP.

    Another great legend passes.

    RIP - Classy Freddie Blassie.

    Let them hate me, provided they fear me.

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    Very sad news indeed. I'll always regret that I didn't get the chance to meet him.



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      It's defintly a dark dark day for all wrestling fan he had a long life and has inspired so many to get in to the ring and I myself am very very sad


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        Didnt Freddie judge the bikini contest at Royal Rumble....

        good Times......
        "Always imitated but never duplicated"


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          This is a terrible loss and the world of wrestling is emptier without the Classy One.

          While working for APWLA on Saturday some retarded mark started throwing snaps at my feet. The first thought that ran through my head was "Man, that's a whole lot better than all the times Freddie got stabbed!"

          It all comes back to Freddie! Long live the legend.
          It's not my job!


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            This is horrible news on an already bad day. This is the most impactful death on me since Owen Hart and seeing as how Freddie was a pioneer in SoCal wrestling, I would love to see a memorial show for him. Hell, if no promotions put it on, I'm going to have to do it.

            Rest in peace Freddie.


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              r.i.p freddy, my thoughts are with his family. that man was wrestling, i will sorely miss him. so many good matches i cant even begin to name them all. his memory and legacy will live on forever.


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                Like the rest of you im really sad to see him go
                i was never a big fan of his, but it still feels like i lost one of the family. My hopes go out to him and his tonite


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                  I can't belive it another one Freddie I hope you give them hell up in that wrestling heaven like i know you will its just sad that you can't be here at the same time you'll be missed Classy Freddie Blassie.

                  We love you and will miss you

                  Tiny "The Burger F'n King" Tee

                  Biggest Cheerleader Melissa Mark to ever live!

                  Can I get an AMEN?!


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                    When I think of Freddie Blassie bleeding so much inside the ring, I couldn't help but think of an essay written by Gloria Steimen in the 1970's that asked the question, "What if suddenly, magically, men could mensturate and women could not?"

                    As one wrestling fan once told me, "War is mensturation envy, and that includes what goes on inside the squared circle."


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                      Blassie is a legend on two continents, as he is worshipped in Japan. One of the greatest episodes of the "Tiger Mask" cartoon series from the late 60's has Blassie in a villain role. He files his teeth to points and bites Tiger's head drawing copious amounts of gore. He was portrayed as a monstrous sadist in the comics as well, totally over as a foreign heel.

                      I'm of the age bracket that best remebers him as the sequin-clad manager in the WWF of the late 70's/80's. God I miss managers...

                      I'm astounded by the stat Meltzer quoted that he worked for upwards of 67 years in the wrestling biz. That's truly amazing.



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                        I really miss him RIP Freddie Blassie RIP

                        Freddie's latest book coming out yet?


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                          Man....even though he was getting up in age and all, another wrestling tragedy.
                          I'm Gonna Pearl Harbor Your BALLS!!


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                            :: tips a 40 in Blassie's memory ::


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                              No message boards.

                              No SCU.

                              No Rev Pro.

                              No APW LA.

                              No UIWA.

                              No EWF.

                              No XPW.

                              No SCCW.

                              No Socal Wrestling Scene.

                              Had this day, this being the day Freddie Blassie died, come 40 years ago, the results would be above.

                              The man's impact on this scene can be seen every time two workers work a match in SoCal. He paved the way. Blassie existed in a time where wrestlers were larger than life. As a heel, people hated him for real. People booed him not because they were supposed to, but because he made them. Today, no wrestler in our scene posesses the uncanny ability to manipulate people that Blassie was so good at. No one thought it was disrespectful to boo him despite his talent. No one wrote write ups about his psycology. They didn't have to. His psycology was so good, they didn't see it as psycology, but as something real and larger than life.

                              Raise your glasses to the life of a man who was larger than the scene he was a part of. The last great SoCal heel, "Classy" Freddie Blassie.

                              Rest in peace, and if there's a God, may he show you to the ring so you can school all the pencil necked geeks in heaven.
                              Feed lies for war
                              Bring the nations to it's knees
                              Risking worldy structure
                              And integrity
                              The balance
                              Of our kind
                              Controlled by hatred
                              Distorted truth and lies
                              United is the only way to stand
                              United is the only way to stand


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