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IWL presents Sicko Sircus LIVE! 9.23.11

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  • IWL presents Sicko Sircus LIVE! 9.23.11

    American Legion Hall of Chino
    13759 Central Ave.
    Chino, CA 91710
    Doors Open: 7:30p
    Show Starts: 8:00p
    Admission: $10
    w/ Flyer: $8 (One flyer, per person. Flyer to be released soon)
    American Legion Members: $5

    After his victory over Eric Cross at "Justice For Brawl," Vic Luna is officially
    back in charge of the IWL. "It feels great to be back home!" Vic said, as we interviewed him in his office. "Now that Eric Cross has quit, I can finally get back to doing what I do best, and that is running the BEST damn show in SoCal today- Insane Wrestling League!"

    Yes indeed, Cross's reign of terror is over, and Vic is once again controlling the reigns. So its only fitting that his first show back is the very show he created in 2009- the Sicko Sircus. Sicko Sircus of course is main evented by the 20 Person Battle Royale, contested under the "Royal Rumble" style rules where each person draws a number entering one at a time, until only one is left standing. The winner recieves a number 1 contender spot to the IWL World Heavyweight Championship. Past winners include "Cast Iron" Cothern in 2009, and "Arc Angel" KC Jones in 2010. Who will survive this year, and become new number 1 contender?

    But thats not all, heres what we have so far...

    20 Person Sicko Sircus Rumble!

    Cutler's Last Stand
    IWL Tag Team Championship
    The Young Bucks (c) vs. The Cutler Bros.

    These two teams go a long way back, wrestling each other everywhere from the backyard, to major indie promtions. Close friends, with much respect for each other inside the ring and out, there is no other team that knows the Young Bucks better than the Cutler Bros. Unfortunately, the Cutler Bros. have recently lost their passion for wrestling, announcing on their Twitter pages that they were retiring from the business. How could a team that has reached the level of success that they had just retire so quietly, without having so much as a retirement match? Well The Young Bucks decided that no, they will NOT have their good friends retire without having that one last match. As explained in the video above, they want to give The Cutlers one final match...for the IWL Tag Team Championship! Fans, these two teams know each other probably better than they know themselves, with some of their best matches being against one another. With this being their FINAL match of their careers, you better believe that the Cutlers will give it their all!

    More matches will be announced soon, along with participants in the 20 Sicko Sircus Rumble! Keep checking http://www.IWLWrestling.com, follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/Insanewl, and check this messageboard along with http://www.SoCalIndy.com for more news on whats shaping up to be a memorable card!

    For out of area or state people don't forget you can catch our free LIVE stream hosted by Steel Cage Radio @ http://www.justin.tv/iwltv

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    More matches and participants announced!

    IWL World Heavyweight Championship
    Paul London (c) vs. Chris Kadillak vs. Ray Rosas.

    Vic Luna promised to right the wrongs of the Eric Cross reign. After coming to a draw in their tables match at New Era 6, Cross forced these two enemies to team together to chase after the Tag Team Championship, instead of allowing them to choose the championship as promised. Well, Vic felt this was unfair, that there was no WAY these two could team and get along, dooming them from the beginning. The new owner gave back their respective title shots. So what belt do they want? The top prize in SoCal wrestling- the IWL World Heavyweight Championship. But which one gets the first shot? Well since both were so eager, they were BOTH given a shot at ONCE in a Triple Threat match!! Paul London, the fighting champion that he is, accepted the challenge, making it official for Sicko Sircus! Who will walk out the IWL World Heavyweight Champion?

    Cothern's Last Stand
    "Cast Iron" Cothern vs. Tyler Bateman

    The Cutlers aren't the only ones retiring from wrestling. The mustached marvel himself, "Cast Iron" Cothern, has also decided to call it quits, moving back to his home state of Oklahoma. Cothern has been apart of the IWL since 2008, holding the Anarchy Championship, and being apart of some unforgettable matches and feuds like his against Eric Cross (then known as Doom) in 2009. He will be missed greatly by all those in the IWL. To award him for all of his hard work and dedication, Vic has allowed him to choose his final opponent. Who was his choice? Tyler Bateman. These two actually have history together, real life friends who used to wrestle each other in Oklahoma. But since their respective stays in California, their paths have yet to cross. What a more fitting way to send off Cothern than by having him face his old friend in one last match. There is no telling who will win this contest, but you could bet that these two will put on one fantastic, entertaining bout.

    Participants Announced...
    Here is who we have so far scheduled for the Sicko Sircus Rumble!
    "Big Nasty" Eric Watts
    Justin Ryke
    Johnny Saovi
    Tyler Durken
    Jerome "LTP" Robinson
    Josh Rozay
    Jacob Diez
    Christian Cole
    "Untouchable" Ruben Iglesias
    Joseph Knox
    Simon Lotto
    Steven Andrews

    More to be announced as we get information. Keep checking this messageboard, SoCalIndy.com, IWLWrestling.com, and follow us on Twitter @ Twitter.com/Insanewl. #IWL #IWantGOODWrestling


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      Bump this for anyone who has never seen an IWL show. Best $8 you can spend (with flyer).



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        The heavyweight Championship match looks really good. Caddy, Rosas and London in the same match????? Wowwwww!


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          I love Cutler Bros!

          I will go there and say good-bye to them!!


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            Originally posted by fisherholic View Post
            The heavyweight Championship match looks really good. Caddy, Rosas and London in the same match????? Wowwwww!
            Maybe if there was an actual heavyweight in this match.


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              New Match Added!

              IWL Anarchy Championship
              Famous B(c) vs. Candice LeRae vs."Pretty" Peter Avalon

              Vic wants to shake things up in the IWL. When the Anarchy Championship was first introduced in 2009, the idea was that anyone, if they are talented enough, could go after it...whether it be a man or a woman. However, we have yet to see this rule put in place. No woman has yet to contend for it. Well, Vic has decided that its time that we show what the Anarchy Championship is all about, giving Candice LeRae a shot! But thats not the only new contender to the title. Enter Peter Avalon, the young and cocky up and comer who has already accomplished so much in his young career. He too is looking to capture some IWL for the first time. Famous B has his work cut out for him in his first defense, will he be able to retain his title? Or will his first reign be nothing more than a fluke reign?


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                What??? Someone in Indy wrestling that holds a Heavyweight championship and isn't a "Heavyweight"? Say it aint so!?! Hmmmm If im not mistaken doesn't DCW have Famous B and Mach 1 have Jerek Mathews as there Champions?

                Regardless it looks to be a great match!

                Originally posted by scofflaw13 View Post
                Maybe if there was an actual heavyweight in this match.


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                  Malachi Jackson Made Official Referee for Bucks vs. Cutlers!
                  You read that right, the younger brother of the Young Bucks has been assigned the task of being the special referee of this unforgettable match. Malachi, like the Bucks, go a long way back with the Cutlers, wrestling with the duo and his brothers in the backyard, as well as their old fed HRW. With many members of the Jackson and Cutler family expected to be in attendance, adding Malachi as special ref is another reason why this match will be very special for everyone involved.

                  Fans, you don't wanna miss this show! Below is a link to our Facebook Invite page, let us know if YOU'RE attending!! http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php...63382253684967

                  And of course, for you out of towners, you can catch it on Justin.TV LIVE! Courtesy of Steel Cage Radio

                  And don't forget you could print out one of our flyers and get in for only $8! Just visit the website and download your special coupon NOW!


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                    Sicko Sircus is tonight folks so hustle over to the American Legion Hall in Chino, Ca and enjoy some fine indy wrestling! Retirement matches, 3 seperate title defenses and even an over the top rope battle royale is on tap! Hope to see you guys come on down and show some SoCal love to the IWL.


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                      Results are posted here: http://socaluncensored.com/2011/09/2...rcus-09-23-11/

                      I missed the first two matches. Would've really liked to have seen Famous B, Peter Avalon and Candice LaRae if B/Avalon's match the following night was any indication. Did see London/Kadallak/Rosas tear the roof off the sucker as did Cutlers/Bucks - did you expect anything different? Although the tag team match did start out a bit slow, it built to a satisfying conclusion.

                      This was my first IWL card and as such, there were a lot of wrestlers in the Rumble that I wasn't too familiar with. Ah well. Maybe next time I'll be able to get more involved in the match.

                      Speaking of next time, although no date was set, it may be as near - or as far, depending on your perspective - as January from what I heard.


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