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RIP Epic !!!

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  • RIP Epic !!!

    November 17, 2002 -

    Earlier today one of the independent wrestling arena's corportations, EPIC, passed away. Due to lack of ability to hold itself together and inability to bring out a show promised to it's fans, they were severely bludgeoned with beach balls left over from XPW events past. Battered and bruised their roster could be seen hiding under tables and chairs hoping for police to arrive; to their dismay help would not arrive at all.

    They are survived by several other good federattions that will be more than happy to invite fromer EPIC fans to events in the future. Mass willl be held at midnight this evening in the portapotty that was never used this evening at their event location. There should be plenty of room so come one come all. Please feel free utilize the facilities at the mass as the contents will be dried and used for floral arrangements.

    Burial will be held tomorrow parking is free, I'm sure Mrs Black won't mind since her son's federation is buried in the same place, her backyard. Just don't hit the pansies ok? She worked hard on thiose this spring.

    RIP Epic and Gary Yap

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    Man, that was bad.


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