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AWS: NEW YEAR’S EVE SQUARE OFF - 12/31/05 Preview

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  • AWS: NEW YEAR’S EVE SQUARE OFF - 12/31/05 Preview

    The Alternative View by Marco “Taco Shop” Nelson

    Saturday December 31, 2005 1:30PM Bell time
    Frank ‘N’ Sons Collectables Arena
    19649 E. San Jose Ave – City of Industry, CA

    Tickets $10 Adults, Kids Under 6 Free!

    All matches are sanctioned in accordance with the rules and regulations of the National Wrestling Alliance, www.nwawrestling.com.
    Card subject to change.

    AWS Heavyweight Title Match
    Champion: Human Tornado
    Challenger: Al Katrazz

    Nothing was settled at Turkey Sandwich 2005! AWS Champion Human Tornado paid homage to the late great Eddie Guerrero by winning the match via DQ. As referee Rick Knox was recovering from an inadvertent shot, Tornado grabbed a chair only to toss it to Al Katrazz and feign injury from it.
    After Knox called for the DQ, Al Katrazz figured that he might as well use the chair he had been given. After the big man from the big house refused to stop beating his former friend the Tornado, another former ally of his hit the ring – the mighty Skulu! Just as Skulu appeared to have stop Al Katrazz’s attack on Tornado, The Plague and Adam Pearce blindsided them! The brawl that ensued led the entire locker room to the ring in a donnybrook the likes of which AWS had not seen in years. On New Year’s Eve at Frank ’N’ Sons, Tornado and Al Katrazz lock up again! Will it be a fair contest? Will the newly formed trio of Plague, Katrazz, and Pearce stick their noses in again? can the Tornado start 2006 as the AWS Champ? Find out!

    AWS Tag Team Championship
    Champions: Los Chivos (Kayam y Enigma de Oro)
    Challengers: Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero

    Los Chivos proved once and for all that they are the preeminent tag team in AWS. After losing their titles on what they considered a fluke to the team of Junior & R2K (in a match that also included Joey Ryan and Scott Lost), Los Chivos vowed to regain their belts in the rematch at Turkey Sandwich 2005! After doing just that, they issued an open challenge. AWS newcomer Alex Koslov signed up for the match, but at the time he didn’t have a partner. After holding an open tryout for the spot, Koslov said to hell with it and just called his friend and perennial wrestling great, Rocky Romero. There is little doubt that individually, Koslov and Romero are two of the top junior heavyweights anywhere in the world of wrestling. The question remains, what kind of tag team will they make and will they be able to take the gold from the veterans Los Chivos?

    “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce (w/C. Edward Vander Pyle) vs. Aaron Aguilera
    Former tag team partners in Hardkore Inc. Former members of the San Diego Horsemen invasion of XLUM in Tijuana, Mexico. Former best friends. Adam Pearce and Aaron Aguilera have as much history as any two men in AWS, and now they find themselves on the opposite side of the ring. Aguilera tried to stop Pearce from helping The Plague destroy Babi Slymm only to eat a right hand and be driven to the post. Aguilera threw out the challenge, and Pearce Accepted! Will these former allies find themselves in a friendly competition to see who is the better wrestler, or will this turn into a brawl? Come on people, it’s Pearce! It's Aguilera! It's Vander Pyle! You know the answer to that one. This is going to get ugly and get ugly quick! The only question is how ugly!?

    Skulu vs. The Plague (w/C. Edward Vander Pyle)
    Two shows ago, the Plague impressed upon all those at the AWS arena that his newfound aggressive attitude (and new manager) would lead him to the top. He managed to press slam the mighty 300lb. Babi Slymm over his head and do three reps with him up there. At AWS Turkey Sandwich, Plague took it one step further. He once more attacked Slymm during his match with Aaron Aguilera, pressed him up again and incredibly threw him over the top to the outside, through two tables that VP and Adam Pearce had set up. With Slymm injured and finally out of the picture, Vander Pyle has set his new monster against the returning Skulu. The two got a small piece of each other in the melee at the end of Turkey Sandwich 2005 and both have their blood boiling to get some more! Will The Plague destroy yet another? Can Skulu bring the carnage to a halt?

    Lil’ Cholo, Junior & R2K vs.
    Antonio Mestre, Peter Goodman & Lil’ Nate

    Junior and R2K have heard enough of the word "fluke". When they beat Los Chivos for the AWS tag team titles people said it was a fluke and when they lost, others said that the fluke was proven. Perhaps the hungriest two wrestlers in all of Southern California will team with their mentor, Lil’
    Cholo, to take on three of the toughest ne’er-do-wells in AWS. AWS LA Light Heavyweight Champion Lil’ Nate returns to team with his thuggish ruggish and frequently crutched partner Peter Goodman and no one’s favorite Brazilian, Antonio Mestre. All six men feel they have a lot to prove and are set to do it on New Year’s Eve!

    Lionheart vs. Charles Mercury
    During the 6-Man Brass Knuckles On A Pole match last time, Lionheart and Charles Mercury squared off on several occasions, slappig the piss out of each other, and finally including a cheap shot of the knucks to Lionheart’s ribs that allowed Paradise to get the pin. You talk about intensity, BOTH men demanded this match. This time it will be one on one, no brass knuckles, no tag team partners, just two men who hate each other leaving everything in the ring!

    The Legendary Sexy Chino vs. Johnny Paradise
    Every single day for three weeks following his miracle victory over “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce, AWS Super Hero Sexy Chino called AWS Kingpin Bart Kapitzke asking if there was footage of the match. He had a hard time believing that it happened. The rumors are not true and Adam Pearce did not destroy all footage of the event. Check out www.alternativewrestlingshow.com soon for information on purchasing Turkey Sandwich 2005 and other great AWS DVDs available now! Once Chino stopped by the AWS booth at Frank ‘N’ Sons, saw the raw footage and finally believed that it happened, he could only ask one question – “Who’s next?” Unfortunately for Chino, one half of “The Forgotten,” Johnny Paradise was also at Frank ‘N’ Sons picking up the rare Voltron action figures only available at Dutch McDonald’s stores in late 1987. Paradise said that he was next and Bart had to separate the two from going at it right then and there. The match is set for New Year’s Eve Square Off!

    Ronin vs. T.J. “Pinoy Boy” Perkins
    Proving that not all Grinches come at Christmas, Ronin spent the Saturday after Thanksgiving making a young boy in the F’N’S audience cry. Scorpio Sky came to the child’s rescue and originally was penciled in to take on Ronin on December 31st for revenge. Unfortunately a knee injury suffered in a match against Colt Cabana has knocked Sky out of the show. When former Scorpio Sky nemesis T.J. Perkins asked to fill the spot, Bart Kapitzke wondered why. “Because I get to slap Ronin!” replied Pinoy Boy. Slap away T.J., slap away!

    Don’t miss your chance to end 2005 with a bang as the NWA and the Alternative Wrestling Show close out '05 with one hell of a Square Off! You never know what will happen at an AWS event!
    F tha BS.

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    What Better way to begin the end of 2005 and start 2006. Looks like the last show I will attend in 2005 wil be AWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When You're Good, You're Good...But When You're Great You're Me!!!!

    "The Man -The Myth - The Legend"

    One of So-Cals Orginals"


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      I'll be there.


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        Take a bump

        Remember fans, that AWS returns with their big December show this Saturday at the Frank and Son Arena! 1:30pm belltime!
        F tha BS.


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