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  • EXC: Unfinished buisness preview....

    Well here is EXC's second attempt on netowrk tv. After the immense success of their first try, EXC will see if they can do it without the marketable Kimbo Slice and instead bank it around a awesome fight from their first show that ended in controversary. Also throw in some title fights, a womans fight that could turn into a blood bath and you have the makings for good tv.

    EXC Middleweight Title Fight: Champion- Robbie Lawler (17-4, in EXC 2-0, 1NC) Vs Challenger- Scott Smith (13-4, in EXC 1-0, 1NC)
    This is it, a fight that started out as a simple title defense turned into one of the most talked about wars in MMA this year. On one side you have defending champion Robbie Lawler who has some deadly strikes and from his years of MIlitech training also can submit opponents with ease, making him a well rounded fighter and one of the best MW fighters in the world. A former ICON sport champion and now defending EXC champion, Lawler has beaten some of the best but surprisingly had difficulty in the UFC where he suffered three of his four losses including losses to Pete Spratt, Nick Diaz and former MW champion Evan Tanner. After losing for the last time in UFC, Lawler left to fight for Hawaiin organization ICON sport where he earned the ICON MW title by defeating Falaniko Vitale not once but twice. Unfortunately Lawler would then lose that title to Jason “Mayhem” Miller. After quick appearances in PRIDE and the IFL, Lawler returned to ICON where he regained his title by knocking out twinkle toes Frank Trigg. Upon entering the EXC, Lawler unified the MW titles briefly by destroying Ninja and then in his first defense of the title he had a war with Smith which ended with a controversial thumb to the eye that ended the fight in a NC.
    Scott “Hands of Stone” Smith is a talented striker who has 11 knockouts to his 13 wins. Early in his MMA career Smith was running wild in Gladiator Challenge and WEC where he was MW champion before deciding to jump to the UFC. Unfortunately for Smith the UFC wasn’t to kind to him, not only did he lose TUF, but he also ended up losing to David Terrell, fellow TUF alumnus Patrick Cote, and Ed Herman. Of course Smith did partake in one of the most amazing knockouts in the history of MMA when he defeated another TUF alumnus Pete “Drago” Sell. After being dropped from the UFC, Smith signed up with the EXC where he easily dispatched Hawaiin Kyle Noke and earned himself a MW title shot. Unfortunately what started out as an amazing war ended in a controversial eye poke NC. Now hopefully in the rematch not only will we get another war but one that will have a definitive ending.
    EXC Welterweight Title Fight: Jake Shields (20-4-1, in EXC 2-0) Vs Nick Thompson (36-9-1, EXC debut)
    Jake Shields is a super talented Cesar Gracie student who trains alongside former Strikeforce LW champion Gilbert Melendez and everyone’s favorite heel, Nick Diaz. One of the bets WWs not in the UFC, Shields floated under the radar in smaller organizations like Gladiator Cage, and Pancrase where he defeated Mach Sakurai and Akira Kikuchi. But it wasn’t until Shields popped up in Hawaiin Rumble on the Rock and won the very prestigious WW GP defeating former UFC WW champion Dave Menne, WEC WW champion Carlos Condit and UFC MW contender Yushin Okami, that he started getting recognition for his talent. In the EXC, Shields has two easy wins including one over eternal douche Mike Pyle. Currently on a nine fight win streak, Shields is a favorite to finally win a prestigious title in MMA.
    Nick “the Goat” Thompson is a very talented WW who has had trouble with the upper tier fighters in MMA. The former Bodog WW champion, Thompson has won 19 of his last 20 fights with just one lost to Karo Parisyan. Including in his wins is one over Eddie Alvarez who just came one step from winning the recent DREAM LW GP. With losses to Yushin OKami and Ed Herman, and his hesitant to be in the UFC simply because he doesn’t want to fight WW champion Georges St. Pierre, has many wondering if Thompson has the ability to finally break through the top of the MMA game. A win over Shields will definitely answer those questions.
    Thomas Denny (26-16, in EXC 1-0) Vs Nick Diaz (17-7, in EXC 2-1)
    Thomas “the Wildman” Denny is a submission fighter who has had a very long MMA career. Inconsistency would be the key word of Denny’s career as he can never seem to pull off a long win streak. A journey man by nature, Denny has fought everywhere from Gladiator Challenge, to Shooto to King of the Cage. Having losses to some of the best fighters in the world including UFC WW champion Georges St. Pierre, Joe Stevenson, Duane Ludwig and John Alessio, Denny cant seem to beat the top echelon of MMA. In his EXC debut Denny won against former Muay Thai champion Malaipet by DQ from repeated elbows to the back of the head.
    My favorite asshole, Nick Diaz is a talented Cesar Gracie student who surprisingly has some accurate standup. Making his name in the UFC with wins over Robbie Lawler and Josh Neer but more importantly with his backstage antics including throwing a shoe at Diego Sanchez and sucker punching Joe Riggs at the hospital, Diaz has become a huge fan favorite to hate. Diaz’s biggest win of course was his submission win over former LW PRIDE champion Takanori Gomi which unfortunately was overturned due to marijuana in Diaz’s system post fight. After that disaster, Diaz entered the EXC where he looked horrible against Mike Aina but still earned a chance at the EXC LW title against KJ Noons. IN a complete upset, Noons turned Diaz’s face into hamburger meat so bad that the doctors had to stop the fight…of course in typical Diaz fashion, he left the ring flipping off the camera. In his followup fight Diaz again looked rough going against Mushin Corbbrey but he did beat him. Post fight, Diaz had the almost pro wrestling like brawl with EXC LW champion Noons which including family members and beer bottles being thrown. Many thought Diaz would get his rematch with Noons on this show, considering its in his hometown of Stockton…but instead we have to wait for possibly later this year for that bad blooded rematch.
    Shayna Baslzer (9-4, in EXC 3-0) Vs Cristiane Cyborg (4-0, EXC debut)
    Shayna Baszler, the Queen of Spades, is a super talented submission machine who has only lost to the best in the women’s MMA field. Having won all of her fights by submission including wins over Julie Kedzie, Baszler lost to the very tough Kelly Kobald, Amanda Buckner twice and the nearly indestructible Tara Larosa. Baszler has looked impressive though in the EXC with three straight victories and with a win here could be in line for the women’s MMA title against Gina Carano.
    Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos is a very fierce women’s fighter and is married to fellow MMA figher Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos (which is amazing considering the face of Santos). Cristiane has three TKO’s to her record with each of those fights ending in the first round. This is the classic striker vs. submission fighter which considering the record of women fights on EXC, could steal the show.

    EXC Heavyweight Title Fight: Justin Eilers (20-7-1, EXC debut) Vs Antonio Silva (10-1, in EXC 3-0)
    Justin Eilers is a hard hitting Militech fighter who at one time was a HW contender. Starting out in smaller indy feds, Eilers was knocking out enough people to get the nod to join the UFC. Unfortunately in the UFC Eilers suffered three straight losses to Paul Buentello, former UFC HW champion Andrei Arvloski and Brandon Vera. Due to these losses, Eilers was dropped from the UFC where he would win ten of his last eleven fights, suffering one lost to former UFC HW champion Pedro Rizzo. Now in the EXC, Eilers has a chance to showcase his knock out power and possibly win a title.
    Antonio “Jr” Silva is one of the best upcoming HWs in the world right now. With his huge stature and solid fists, Silva has been tearing up the HW ranks in the states, Brazil and in Japan. The only blemish on Silva’s career is a controversial lost to SHW Eric Pele. Yet beyond that lost, Silva has gotten three straight wins in EXC including a tough decision win over former UFC standout Ricco Rodriguez. Now with a chance at a title Silva can start elevating his name amongst those at the top of the HW rankings.
    Brian Caraway (10-2, EXC debut) Vs Wilson Reis (4-0, in EXC 2-0)
    Brian Caraway is a submission fighter who is trying to make a name for himself in his young MMA career. Possessing an impressive record of 9 submission wins and 1 TKO, Caraway though hasn’t really fought too many well known names in MMA. His only losses are to two IFL fighters Ian Loveland and John Gunderson.
    Wilson Reis is a young MMA fighter who also possess some impressive submission skills. Already fought for the EXC twice, he is perfect with two wins over Justin Robbins and Zach Makowsky.

    Rafael Cavalcante (6-1, in EXC 2-0) Vs Travis Galbraith (15-5, EXC debut)
    Rafael Calvalcante is a young and upcoming HW who loves to slug it out with his opponents. First starting out in the IFL, Calvalcante destroyed Devin Cole by TKO and then suffered his first and so far only lost by an errant upkick to Marcio Cruz. After leaving the IFL, Calvalcante signed with the EXC where he has continued his path of destruction first by destroying John Doyle and then making short work of another former IFL fighter in Wayne Cole. Surprisingly the match with Cole was just last month not giving Calvalcante much time to recuperate.
    Travis Galbraith is a Canadian submission fighter who is also trying to break through into mainstream MMA. Fighting in various promotions in Canada, Galbraith has had a pretty decent career but seems to have difficulty with fighters of higher caliber talent. His losses include losses to long time veteran Joe Doerksen, a lost to current UFC WW champion Georges St. Pierre, UFC veteran Johnathan Goulet and Kazuhiro Nakamura in the first PRIDE show in America. Recently Galbraith has spent most of his time in King of the Cage.

    Respect! Earn it!

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