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Response to ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd's Negative Guerrero Remarks

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  • Response to ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd's Negative Guerrero Remarks

    How DARE Colin Cowherd make the remarks he made regarding Eddie Guerrero? I have never been as disappointed in anyone in the media as I am right now. Guerrero was a true athlete and inspiration to many people. Colin Cowherd is completely & unbelievably inappropriate. I would call for his immediate resignation from ESPN Radio for his derogatory comments made at the expense of Eddie Guerrero at the time of his death! Immediate action must be taken to rectify this horrid situation.

    You can also post your thoughts at http://sports.espn.go.com/sitetools/...act/radio.html, send e-mail to radio@espnradio.com,
    call 860-766-2000, or
    sign a petition to remove Colin Cowherd at http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_pe...ned.cgi?firecc

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    Earlier today on ESPN Radio's "The Herd With Colin Cowherd", Colin Cowherd said some rude comments about Eddie Guerrero's passing. He accused Eddie and other wrestlers of steroid use. Cowherd said, "who cares that he died" and that Guerrero's death was not "newsworthy." He also started speculation on the "unknown causes" of his death. Cowherd has gotten tons and tons of hate messages for what he said. You can call ESPN's customer service line at 860-766-2000. Tell the person who answers you want to leave a message about Eddie Guerrero and they will transfer you to a line dedicated entirely to messages from people who disagreed with what Cowherd had to say. I think it speaks volumes that they've made a line entirely for Eddie-related messages. Hopefully this asshole gets fired from his job for what he said. ESPN has already been absolutely bombarded with e-mails and messages unlike never before. They had to disconnect their phone line for awhile today and their switchboard was having problems also due to the incredibly high amount of calls. However, the rumors that their customer service line is currently disconnected is false; I just called minutes ago and left a message. The number again is 860-766-2000. Also be sure to sign the Fire Colin Cowherd petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/firecc/petition.html
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