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  • LCW "Tension Rising" results

    Tension Rising by far was the best show we have had to date in Legion Championship Wrestling. Not only was the crowd hot the whole night, we also had the biggest crowd ever in LCW. We had so many fans show up that we actually ran out of places to put chairs. The night started with one on one action as the debuting Sexy Daddy along with his valet Gold Digger took on the masked luchador by the name of Remy St. Clair. This match had the crowd hooked from the start as Sexy Daddy used his surprising agility to counter the shear size of Remy. In the end it was Gold Digger that used her sex appeal to get the advantage for her man as she helped gain the first victory of the night for Sexy Daddy.

    Up next was the powerhouse of Tito Escondido taking on Dragon Mask. Just like in the previous match, it was power vs. speed as Tito tried to toss Dragon Mask around the ring. Dragon Mask however used his hi flying Lucha Libre skills to try to gain a win on Tito. But as the old saying goes Dragon Mask went to the well once to often. Tito seeing Dragon trying to do a move on the top rope rushed up and caught him, put him on his shoulders, and dropped Dragon Mask off the top rope with a death valley driver. Tito gained another victory as he continues to bulldoze thru the competition.

    Third match of the night was six man Lucha Libre action as the Soulless Assassins took on the team of Thunder Wolf and his teammates Oso Loco and Classicus Shadow. The Assassins had the advantage in this match since they have been teaming up for months now. Unlike their opponents whose first time meeting each other was in the locker room earlier on in the day. (Thunder Wolf’s teammates were supposed to be Sindarin and Lestat, but both had to cancel due to injury so Oso Loco and Classicus Shadow stepped up to take their place) Thunder Wolf tried his best to get his teammates on sync as a cohesive unit but the Assassins used every trick in the book to keep one step ahead in this match. At one point the action spilled out of the ring leaving Blood Eagle and Thunder Wolf in the ring by themselves. Blood Eagle hoisted Thunder on his shoulders to finish him off, but Thunder Wolf wiggled free and was able to score a pin fall out of no where for the win. Immediately the Assassins attacked the winners like a pack of wild dogs would their prey. Once again trying to show the LCW fans they were still one of the most vicious factions in Legion Championship Wrestling. When Thunder Wolf was able to get to his feet he immediately challenged Blood Eagle to a one on one match at the next show which Blood Eagle accepted.

    After a brief intermission it was girls action as the “NY Knockout” Nikki and her partner Thunder Kitty took on the team of Amanda and her mystery opponent who ended up being a female wrestler by the name of Chloe. This match went back and forth between both teams. Much like in previous encounters when Amanda was teaming with her BFF Angel (who was mysteriously absent from this match) her and Chloe were able to gel well together as Amanda scored a victory on Thunder Kitty when she gave a school boy to Kitty for the 1...2..3.

    Next on the card was the Dojo vs. Dojo match as the Fit Pit was represented by Mario Banks, Hanes Classic, and the Hobo with their surprise manger/ trainer GQ Money taking on the team of Taste of Perfection who was representing the Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy. The crowd loved everything the Santino’s did in this match and hated everything the Fit Pit did. As several people put it, this match blew the doom off the old Casa. In the begging the Taste of Perfection had the clear advantage on their rookie opponents. Kaos, Rico and Famous B shined up until the Fit Pit’s manager GQ Money had seen enough. Behind the ref’s back GQ used his mega phone to knock down Famous B and as if planned, the Fit Pit immediately knew what to do. Now the ball was in their court as they continuously took turns on Famous B. Kaos and Rico tried their best to get the tag but with distractions by GQ and his students it seemed that the Santino Bros were about to suffer a humiliating defeat by three rookies until some how Famous B made the tag. Kaos and Rico went straight to work as they tossed all three members of the Fit Pit to the outside. Kaos then picked up Famous B in a gorilla press and launched him out of the ring onto their opponents. Mario Banks was thrown back into the ring and a pissed off Rico slammed him into place for Famous B to hit a beautiful Swanton Dive for the win. After the match the Santino Bros shook the hands of their rivals and all members of both schools celebrated until the conniving GQ Money threw a fireball into the face of Rico Dynamite. All of a sudden all hell broke loose as the Fit Pit attacked the remaining members of Taste of Perfection. I know we haven’t seen the last of this feud.

    If the last match blew the doom off the Casa then, as one wrestler put it, the next match BLEW UP THE FUCKING BULDING!!!! After eight months of back and fourth rivalry, and after broken bones, pain and suffering the Silver Heart Radicalz were finally about to get the chance to score a victory (both physically and mentally) over their most hated opponents ever; Order 66. This was our featured match; the Ladder match for Roscoe P. Tuckers contract. Order 66 wanted it, and the Silver Heart Radicalz wanted to destroy it. By far this was one of the best matches we have ever had at LCW (and that’s saying something) The first minute into the match the crowd was on their feet as Ray Rosas launched him self out of the ring on Order 66 who was carrying a ladder. That move alone set the bar to what was about to follow. As all four men put their bodies on the line and damn near killed themselves to get that contract. There were so many crazy spots that happened in the match to name that it would make this result press release five page long. But at one point Ray Rosas was about to get the contract when Robby Phoenix grabbed a glass beer mug (Order 66 came with the beer mugs into the match saying they were going to toast their victory after they won Roscoe back) and smashed it into the eyes of Ray. Ray was immediately rushed to locker room claiming he couldn’t see. Order 66 took advantage of this dastardly deed and went to work on trying to humiliate Lucha Machine by removing his mask. Order 66 knew they had the match won now that the odds were uneven and they took their time torturing Lucha Machine. But if anyone who has ever read the story of the tortoise and the hare know, hard work and determination will eventually pay off on arrogance and over confidence. Just when Damian had removed the mask of Lucha Machine Ray Rosas came back from the locker room (with another mask for Lucha Machine to put on) and knocked both members of Order 66 off the ladder and out of the ring (they were mere inches from the contract) Ray then set up the ladder and flipped out onto Damian and Robby. Lucha Machine who was now masked grabbed the closest ladder to him and climbed it all the way to the top and gabbed the contract off the clipboard that it was hanging from. The Silver Heart Radicalz had finally done what they promised as they ripped up Roscoe’s contract as a defeated and now humbled Order 66 looked on.

    Our last match of the evening was the deathmatch as Supreme and his son Kano took on the BC Killer and Amos. This match had some bad blood brewing ever since BC threw Kano off the balcony of the Casa at our last show. Supreme vowed to get revenge but Amos made sure that BC would have an advantage by adding a stipulation in the match. If Kano got physically involved in the match then it would immediately become a tag team match. Supreme and the Killer damn near destroyed each other as well as all the weapons that were supplied for this match as both men had something to prove. But at one point BC Killer was able to get the advantage in the match as he knocked Supreme into a coffin of light tubes. Kano seeing enough decided he would help his dad out. He pushed BC off him, Amos then gave chase trying to catch Kano. Kano went into the ring for safety but Amos was able to stop him from escaping. Kano started punching and stapling Amos and hit a flying head scissors knocking Amos out of the ring. Supreme who was now in control of BC Killer lifted BC to the top rope and gave him his gargoyle suplex for the three count. Your winner Supreme.

    To see more pics of our show go to our photobucket account at this link
    http://s962.photobucket.com/albums/a...sion%20Rising/ We would like to thank photographer Andy Durazo for all the beautiful pics. We would also like to thank all the wrestlers, staff, and espically the fans for making "Tension Rising" the best show to date. We will be back June 26th as LCW and DMT present "IGNITION" more on that show in the next few days.


    Lucha Nation


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    I got my ticket for June 26!!! Pay Per View!!! LCW vs DMT
    LOS ANGELES vs NEW YORK!! L.A. baby Thats whats up!! I called up my peeps in Mexico & there ordering it! Is there going to be like all the people from L.A. on one side & all the New Yorkers on the other??


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      does anyone know when well this show be on dvd??
      no saben quando este evento vaya salir en dvd??
      en la Walmart! o.O"


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