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Looking to buy SoCal indy tapes (2001-04)

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  • Looking to buy SoCal indy tapes (2001-04)

    Hi. New here. I'm looking to buy tapes/DVDs from the various SoCal indys circa 2001-04 (pre-PWG, basically). I have a good amount of latter SoCal stuff (full run of PWG, quite a few EWF & AWS, SoCal Pro, the few PCW shows still in print, etc.), but I'm having trouble finding early, out of print shows.

    In particular, I'm looking for:
    Any Rev Pro or Rev X show
    APW May Mayhem
    APW Deception
    APW Kristmas Kaos
    APW Golden Gate Invitational
    Inoki Dojo/NJPW USA Best of the American Super Juniors
    WPW Best of the West 2

    Mostly interested in commercial masters/original tapes & DVDs. Honestly, I'm probably interested in most anything out of print from that period that I don't already have. For instance, I have some several GSCW shows, but they're the commercial tapes Smart Mark Video sells. I've heard that GSCW sold DVDs too. If anyone has DVDs of their shows, I'm interested.

    If anyone has anything of interest and is willing to sell, PM me. I'd prefer to use PayPal, but could work out something else if necessary.

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    I am looking for any Pro-shot/fancams GSCW shows that Smart Mark doesn't sell as well.I am particularily looking for a complete copy of this 7/02 show that had Sick Nick,Kristi Myst catfight etc..I can buy or trade from my Indy wrestling dvds I have.
    Tom mott1465@hotmail.com



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