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Anyone believe in conspiracy theories?

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  • Anyone believe in conspiracy theories?

    Was wondering about this. I know a shitload of people who believe in various shit. I believe in a few, but nothing like 9/11 being an inside job, the Illuminati running the world, or Obama starting race wars.

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    I don't believe in any of that stuff but I wanted to post this video.



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      I'm not so sure... yet. I think working overnights for so long and having so much time available to watch things plays into it. When I get burned out on wrestling (It does happen from time to time), I end up watching shit that I never would have imagined I'd be looking at. But it's certainly interesting. Will get into some of it as the thread grows hopefully. Will be interesting to see what everyone else is spending their time and paying attention to.

      Steve, I'm unable to check the video out, but I will definitely look at. Andrew, what interests you or that you've looked into?


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        I don't really believe in anything too wild. I believe in things like law enforcement corruption and the constant targeting of minorities on the streets, the court system favoring whites (like that Brock Turner case), Hillary Clinton being behind Donald Trump running for president to destroy the GOP, and various attempts by the mainstream media to influence or shape people's thoughts and opinions.

        Right now I think the media is trying to downplay police brutality and putting out false narratives in an effort to keep people from questioning what's been going on in recent years in regards to unarmed minorities being killed by cops. We keep hearing one-sided stories from the police as to what happened that leave out witness statements that contradict the story they try to put out (the Michael Brown case for example) to keep people wanting bad cops to be held accountable for their actions.


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          Do you think Clinton is behind Trump's campaign. I mean she's pretty hated and magically Trump comes along.


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            No doubt in my mind there's some shit going on there.


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              I'm big on this. I believe 9/11 was a work. How can you explain the third building collapsing? Plus there's so much other shit out there.

              I need to finish the last 2 seasons of Ventura's show.

              I'm not some nut wearing a tin foil hat on the corner preaching. I just have a very open mind to consider all possibilities. The world's a fucked up place.
              I'm a changeling, see me change


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                I believe in a few more grounded conspiracy theories. I am mostly entertained by the rest. The more outlandish the better. Who knows? Maybe we cannot handle the truth!

                I am always entertained by the idea that the US never landed on the moon. Or at least staged their early landing to beat the Soviets. I also like the idea that the government colluded with Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick would write "screenplays" regarding the landings.

                I also enjoy the idea that the government has hidden contact with aliens. The alien crash and secret dealings at Roswell. The hidden face on Mars, perhaps signs of a previous civilization.

                Have you heard the latest hilarious chatter that Trump is actually Pakistani? That Trump was born in Pakistan as Dawood Ibrahim Khan. There is also a picture of a young lad to go with the story. After his whole pushing of the birther bull crap, I find this yarn kind of funny.

                I do believe the government had a hand in assassinating JFK. Oswald was involved in some capacity with the CIA. Oswald was a patsy. Conveniently killed by Jack Ruby, who was confined in isolation till his death. I do believe there was a second shooter behind the fence on the grassy knoll. The kill shot has Kennedy's head moving back and to the left. Back and to the left. Back and to the left.

                If the killshot came from behind, where the Texas book depository was, then his body should have moved forward. Anyway, it was a coup of sorts. Kennedy was embarrassed over the handling of the Bay of Pigs and wanted to smash the CIA into a million pieces. No way was Kennedy going to allow a second attempted invasion of Cuba with Operation Mongoose. Allen Dulles, the head of the CIA, was a powerful and evil SOB. No way he was giving up his seat. Which reminds me, I need to read The Devil's Chessboard. It is about the Dulles brothers and their reign of terror.

                9/11 being an inside job? I can go with it. After you read and research on all the shady shit the CIA has done, it sounds entirely plausible. All the coups they have orchestrated around the world. All the fake uprisings they manufactured. All the killings in the name of their end games. What is a few lives domestically as a means to an end? For being an elaborate and highly clandestine plan, it was solved from point A to point B rather fast. Why was the footage of the plane traveling to the Pentagon never released? If it was not an inside plan, knowledge of it was known and it was allowed to happen at the very least. We are talking about people who did business with Osama Bin Laden in the 1980s. We helped Osama with his crew (put him on the CIA payroll) and various Mujahideen soldiers to battle the Soviets in Afghanistan. We made sure to embroil the Soviets into suffering their own Vietnam. Soviet occupied Afghanistan was sure as hell better than Taliban controlled Afghanistan.

                I would like to believe there is a conspiracy regarding Bruce Lee's death. That foul play was involved. Bruce had problems with his first Hong Kong director Lo Wei. Bruce refused to work with Lo Wei again after The Chinese Connection. Bruce was not a fan of his racism or style of directing. They got into frequent fights. Lo Wei had connections to The Triads. The Triads wanted a piece of the action but Bruce kept rebuffing their advances.

                Bruce was breaking ground here. At the time in Hong Kong, talent were contracted to studios and not free to work anywhere or really negotiate salaries. Bruce was breaking the mold by now dealing with the Shaw Brothers despite working for rival Golden Harvest and having a partnership with Raymond Chow. Bruce was also breaking into Hollywood. All these new deals did not involve Chow.

                There is a line of thought that the Triads and Chow were in cahoots. Pressure Bruce. Bruce does not give in. They go in for the kill. Linda quickly goes public and says she does not blame anyone for Bruce's death. People feel like she has been coached and is absolving the Triad of any wrong doing.

                Bruce's image and life has been sanitized by Linda. There is no doubting Bruce's exceptional talents. But the guy was human. Bruce did drugs. Bruce had affairs. Bruce had a temper. As Bruce's star was rising other set out to cut him off perhaps. There are more details to the theory but that is a major belief by many. If Bruce's demise was not foul play, then more than likely it was due to his drug use.


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