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SCU Message Board FAQ

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  • SCU Message Board FAQ

    This is just to clear up a few things. Same rules that have always been here, just writing them all in one place.

    1. Deleting Posts
    - We try to moderate SCU has little as possible, and there are only a few restrictions what can not be posted on SCU's message board. Posts that violate these will be deleted.

    1) Impersonations. If someone is impersonating a wrestler, promoter, another poster, whoever, those posts will be deleted and the name will be locked so it can not be used. This includes registering a user name that is the same as a wrestler's name.

    2) Porn. SCU's server doesn't allow porn so we will have to delete any pornographic material on the message board. An obvious exception would of course be when it is relevant to the SoCal wrestling scene (IE: pictures of Veronica Caine at Freefall). Extreme stuff that you would find on sites like rotten.com would fall under this category too. Use good judgement.

    3) Personal Information. No posting of phone numbers, SSN's, addresses, etc. of other posters.

    4) Spam. Any posts that are just advertising other sites, message boards, 900 numbers, anything, unless it is relevant to SCU and is posted infrequently. If you have a radio show or something, once a week is all you need to post it. Promotions can promote their videos and shows and what not in the main forum as long as they keep a reasonable amount of time between post or, like a week, or there is something new to add. All tape trading posts should go in the tape trading forum.

    5) Attacks. Any type of attacks designed to disrupt the board such as flooding or abnormal code will result in imediate banning. This includes multiple accounts, and creating accounts for the sole purpose of harassing other board users.

    6) Backyard Wrestling. This site, and message board is about pro-wrestling. There are plenty of message boards and websites devoted to backyard wrestling. Find one of those. In order to avoid confussion that may be caused by people promoting backyard events, those posts will either be moved to the shilling forum, or deleted.

    7) Thread Bumping. Posting in a thread just to bump it to the top, or posting in topics that haven't had a reply in over 30 days with nothing new to add will result in that post getting deleted. Repeat offenses may result in being banned.

    - Repeated violations will result in being banned from the forum.

    2. Tape Trading.
    - Post all your tape trading requests and ads in the tape trading forums. If you mess up and post in the wrong forum it is cool. We will just move your post to the proper forum.

    3. Avatars & Custom Titles.
    - Avatars are the little pictures you see under peoples names. We have a large selection you can choose from, but if you would like to use your own you need to have 10 posts.

    - Custom titles are the little messages below peoples names. When you first post you are listed as a "First Time Poster". After that you are a "Junior Member". Once you reach 30 posts it will say "Member" and so on. To use your own custom title besides the default ones you must have 100 posts and be a registered member for 25 days. Once you meet the requirements, you can set it yourself using the control panel.

    - If you are posting nonsense posts in order to reach 10, or 100 posts those posts will just be erased and they wont be counted in your total. You could also be section of of rule 1 which could result in immediate banning.

    4. Other Members of the Forum
    - We do not delete posts due to content aside from what was mentioned in section 1. If you have a problem with another member feel free to click on their name and then click the ignore link. Posts from that member will then only be visible if you wish to see them.

    5. Events & Results Forum
    - The only posts that are allowed in the Events & Results forum are lineups for upcoming shows and results from shows that have passed. The forum is moderated and posts must be approved before they appear. Normally it is checked by SCU moderatos several times a day so please be patient if you do not see your post for several hours. If after 18 hours or so you do not see your post please feel free to email one of the SCU staff to ask why your post isn't viewable. Normally replies are not permitted in the Events & Results forum, unless they are updates on the card that do not require a new thread.

    6. What Do We Consider SoCal Wrestling?
    - Any pro-wrestling that happens in the ten southernmost counties in California. Those counties are: San Diego, Imperial, Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura, Kern, Santa Barbara, & San Luis Obispo.

    Hopefully this will clear up any questions people have about the SCU Message Board. Feel free to post any questions to anything in this FAQ or anything not covered in this FAQ.

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    Just an update. You can now change your own custom titles when you have 100 posts, as long as you have been registered six months. We will not change your title for you except in special circumstances.


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